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Skarabej (lat. Scarabeus, eng. Scarab) is a sort of heavy bodied insect which belongs to a large family of Scarabaeidae, with about 30 000 different species spread throughout most of the world. Most of them are brightly coloured and some of them glisten in the sunlight. Scarabs have an extremely important role in the rapid recycling of organic matter. In the past the sign of scarabs was also used by officials as a seal. Symbolically it represents spontaneous generation, selfrenewal and ressurection.


We found most of the photographs which you can see rejected, forgotten or lost at flea markets, old attics, in basements or junk heaps in Prague(Cz), Zagreb(Cro), Travnik(BiH) and in Subotica(SiCg). Smaller ammount has been given to us as a gift or ceded for scanning by our friends or acquaintances. We are still looking for new photographs...


We are inspired by the things people throw away, forgett or what seems to be irrelevant. We are inspired by the beauty and ephemerality. As for us beauty is not just what is new, tehnically perfect, flat, symmetrical, neat etc. We see beauty in a photograph that failed, rough wall, rusted key, unskilly painted wood and so on.
"... beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully" - Matthew Fox


Although we collect we are not collectors. We would like to create an archive of memmories of unknown people and events and make them available to everyone. No doubt, we are all going to be in forgotten, old family photographs.